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#M154 THE HORSE SOLDIER 1776 – 1943 Four Book Set


#M154 THE HORSE SOLDIER 1776 – 1943 by Randy Steffen This 4 volume book set gives detailed information about the United States Cavalryman, his uniforms, arms, accoutrements, and equipment. These books are in excellent condition the dust covers are shelf worn but still in good condition. Volume 1 The Revolution, The War of 1812 and The Early Frontier 1776 – 1850. Volume II The Frontier, The Mexican War, The Civil War, and The Indian Wars. 1851 – 1880. Volume III The Last of the Indian Wars, The Spanish American War, The Brink of the Great War 1881 – 1916. Volume IV World War I, The Peacetime Army, World War II 1917 – 1943. These books were copyrighted in 1979 by The University Of Oklahoma Press. Over 100 pictures and illustrated copies in black and white, some in color, they have illustrations of everything that the Calvary had from the beginning to the end. These are great set of books.

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