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#M424 Ideal Hand Reloading Tool For 41 Long Colt Hollow Base


#M424 Ideal hand reloading Tool For 41 Long Colt hollow base cartridge and in excellent condition 95% nickel still left on tool with an excellent hollow base bullet mold. Left side of the tool has the manufactured name ( Marlin Firearms Co. New Haven Conn. USA Ideal Tools) and ( 41 L I L ) which stands for 41 long inside lube. Will come with a copy of the number one instructions. Does not have the extracting plug this is for taking the old primer out of the shell. This is the first one I have ever seen extremely hard to find in this condition. I have an old original ideal box that this tool will come in, but the box is not in good shape. I did not take a picture of the box because the box is free with the tool.

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