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#4935 Winchester 1886 Sporting Rifle, OBFMCB 40/82WCF with a fine bore


#4935 Winchester 1886 Sporting Rifle, OBFMCB 40/82WCF with a fine bore (about an 8 on a scale of 10) and smooth tight action, 31XXX serial range (1889). This gun must have been a heck of a nice Winnie before some previous owner had it completely 100% reblued, but at least it is a good job, not buffed to death as many seem to be, and it has about 99.9% of that refinish remaining. It has no pitting at all and almost no dings in the metal, VG markings and address, and fine wood with only very moderate size sliver on the buttstock wrist area left side; see photos. It also has a Marbles rear barrel semi-buckhorn sight and rear tang peep sight that is correct for the Model 1886. (This peep sight has the post about mid-way on the base so the bolt can come all the way back and not impact with sight post which is necessary on the 1886 model.) This cartridge, the 40/82WCF, is a VERY potent big-bore round and capable of taking just about any critter on the North American continent. It is a flatter shooting, faster, and generally more accurate cartridge than either the 45/70 or 45/90WCF ….but it can sure rattle the gold fillings in your teeth with the recoil when hot loads are used. With such a nice exterior, very fine bore, and post tang sight, this rifle would easily have been a $3750 value if not for having been refinished. Fortunately that refinish is easily removed with a weakened solution of muriatic acid if found to be too undesirable, and it can be stripped and left to get a natural thin brown patina. A very good value, especially with such a nice bore and tang sight, Excellent as refinished. $2495.

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