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#3626 Arisaka WW2 Japanese Type 99 “Last Ditch” infantry rifle, 7.7mm,


#3626 Arisaka WW2 Japanese Type 99 “Last Ditch” infantry rifle, 7.7mm, very late production (c,1945) and thus showing the haste in getting this into combat. It’s VERY crudely made, rough finished, and even has a rough wood buttplate! Certainly not the high quality of their present-day automobiles, but more like the cheapie toys that proliferated from Japan after the War ended. Fine bore, appears unfired. The sights are fixed with no adjustments and extremely rudimentary in design, almost pre-1800 in their simplicity. These examples of the M-99 were definitely the last dying gasps of the Japanese military establishment in an attempt to arm the troops with anything that went >bang<. This particular rifle looks to probably have never been issued and still has almost all the dull military flat blue and undamaged wood (except for the buttplate, as can be seen in the photos). As is the usual, the Emperors “Chrysanthemum” has been typically ground off as being a surrendered weapon, and I have taken photos of the arsenal mark (…but don’t know myself which one this is). About Fine+ to Excellent condition. Tough to get a better conditioned one! FFL or C&R will be required. $395

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