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#4655 Triplett & Scott 50RF “Long Carbine”


#4655 Triplett & Scott 50RF “Long Carbine” (which was actually just the standard 22” barrelled carbine with a longer 30” rifle length barrel). Fine action and an Ex.Fine bore being about an 8-1/2 on a scale of 10. About 5000 of this variation sold mainly to the State of Kentucky in 1864 for their Home Guard during the Civil War. What is particular interesting to this HIGHLY unusual action is that it does actually work!! Also, the Triplett & Scott was one of the only four Northern cartridge repeaters purchased during that War (the Henry, Ball& Lamson, Spencer, and Triplett & Scott). All but the Henry used the 50RF cartridge and were seven shooters. It also used a very odd sling with both swivels at the rear of the butt and a short sling that just looped around the rear and the weapon then suspended under the users armpit! This specimen has excellent metal with a soft plum brown mixed with a soft blue on the barrel and faded cloudy casehardening on the receiver, The forearm is about excellent but as with 95% of ALL Triplett & Scotts, it suffers from splintering and cracks where the buttstock covers the magazine throat area. The wood was just too thin at that point and when the wood dried and aged, the stock would crack at that open throat. A real “Rube Goldberg” mechanical device and really must be seen to be appreciated for their uniqueness. Aside of the common wrist damage, about Fine condition. $1195

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