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#3834 Unmarked 1870s vintage French diminutive drop trigger pinfire revolver, complete with tiny purse holster
#M712 U.S. Government 1911 Cavalry Spur
#M978 Navy Mark-2 Knife
13ST Spur Trigger Bird Heads Grip, H&A, RANGER No. 2, Nice Engraving, Nickel, Wood, 32 cal., Excellent.
#2396 Manhattan Belt-Navy, 33XXX , 6-1/2", 36cal percussion
#M770 U.S. Government 1902 Pattern Artillery Curb Bit
3025P Colt Model 1862 3 1/2 inch Round Barrel Conversion, cal. 38cf, 1873-80.
15ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, BIG BONANZA, 32 cal., engraved, wood grips.
Very Good Colt 1849 Pocket model, .31x 4", Blue, Scene, Varnish
#4668 Springfield Trapdoor “Forager”, 20ga shotgun
#M142 U.S. Government  Mills 1903/07 Cartridge Belt
#809 Allen and Wheelock Side Hammer 22 RF
#4243  Remington Model 1858 Army, 44-percussion revolver, period after-market converted to 44 CF
#M439 Holster for a Colt 1877 DA 4 1/2" Barrel
#M995  Manhattan Bullet Mould  .36 caliber

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