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#4848 Smith & Wesson First Model 32S&W Double Action Hammerless Revolver
Bacon 31 cal pocket revolver engraved
Very Good Colt 1849 Pocket model, .31x 4", Blue, Scene, Varnish
#0231 Rock Island marked 1880s sabre belt w/accessories
#4644 Fullstock Flintlock “Ladies Rifle, 27” full octagon barrel of approx 54 caliber
#4849 Otis Smith spur triggered 32RF five shot revolver
#4939 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB 38WCF, 305XXX(1889), standard 24” barrel.
#M408 A Remington World War I Bayonet
Fine Colt '51 Navy with Ivories, Scene, Blue Case
#4933 Winchester Model 1886 OBFMCB 40/65WCF, 81XXX(1893), VG bore
#770 Colt Percussion 1849 Pocket 31 Caliber
#M426 Belt and Holster for 6" Colt 1877 DA
#3845 Henderson, Aberdeen, marked Scottish large Traveling Pistol
#3822 Coopers Patent Ring-triggered six shot Pepperbox, English manufacture
#4673 Manhattan 3rd Variation Belt-Navy Revolver, 36-caliber, five shooter, with a 5” barrel

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