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#862 Columbian Baby Hammerless 22
#M987 U.S. 1855 Tumbler and Wire Punch
#0685 Colt percussion Paterson capper (original) for longarm
#3876 Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall, No.3x30”x40/70Ballard, VG+/Fine bore
#M155   Bannerman  Military Goods
#4859 National No.2 41RF Derringer
#C528 Lincoln Cent Set 1941 To 1974
#2103 Sharps Model 1851 “Box-Lock” Round Barreled Sporting Rifle, 28”x90-bore percussion
2095P Colt Third Model Derringer, 41rf cal.
65ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, Single Shot Derringer, no name, 32 cal.
#M436  Trapdoor Springfield Book
22ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, Hopkins & Allen No 3 N.Y, Pat.1871,  32 cal., Nickel, Ivory Grips.
#3860 Starr 1863 S/A 44cal percussion and having a crisp action and G-VG bore
#1436 Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Carbine, 45/70 with very decent bore (7+ on a scale of 10), tight action,
#823 Colt 1877 Lightning 38 DA Revolver London Address

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