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#4922 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB 44WCF, 13XXX (1877), scarce 1st Variation
#M562 Colt Original 1860 Army Bullet Mold
#4764 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB, 44WCF with surprisingly fine bore
#4990 Colt 1878 D/A, 7-1/2”x45COLT, 17xxx range (manufactured in 1886). Fine bore
#M713 U.S. Government 1909 New Army Model 38 Cartridge Box
#4848 Smith & Wesson First Model 32S&W Double Action Hammerless Revolver
#4817 Marlin-Ballard No.5 (AKA “Pacific Ballard”) 40/63-Everlasting
#4923 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB 44WCF, 6XXX (1875!!), scarce 1st Variation
#C520 Morgan 1896-S San Francisco ANACS F15 Silver Dollar
M114 The Government Model
M155 Bannerman  Military Goods  1933
#C521 Lincoln 1922-D  Denver Penny ANACS G4
#4757 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB 44WCF, 18XXX(1876)
#M561 U.S. Krag Model 1897 Combination Tool
#4542 Wm. Moore Dbl-Bbl 30”x12ga percussion shotgun

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