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#302 Colt New Line 30 Cal.
#3860 Starr 1863 S/A 44cal percussion and having a crisp action and G-VG bore
#0684 Flask, “Eagle, Stars and Bars” style for Colt Pocket Model
#4991 Colt 1892 D/A 6”x41COLT, 13XXX serial range (1894 manufacture)
Fine Double Date Luger, Erfuhrt, 9mm, WWII Vintage
#4820 Remington “Vest Pocket” derringer, 22RF with surprisingly good bore!
#3820 E. Whitney Arms Navy Model revolver, 7-1/2”x36cal
#CH006 Model 1840 Artillery sabre
#4911 Colt Model 1849 “Pocket Model” 4”x31cal, 62XXX(1851)
#0572 Flint Sash Pistol, unmarked with radical iron barrel w/unusual design flared muzzle,
#1968 French Flintlock Cavalry  pistol, large military pommel holster sized
#M713 U.S. Government 1909 New Army Model 38 Cartridge Box
#0571 Wilson Flint boxlock Pocket Pistol, most likely of British manufacture circa 1770-1820
3016P Colt House Model, 2 5/8 barrel, 41 cal., 5 shot, wood, holster, 1876
#4895 Colt 1860 Army (AKA, “Holster Pistol”), 44caliber, 101XXX (1863), all matching including the wedge.

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