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#2243 Rarely found buffalo hide Ranchers Winter gloves
#806 Remington Elliott Derringer 32RF
#4247 Remington 1858 Navy, 38CF converted in the 1870s for commercial sales to the Frontier West
#1437  Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Carbine, 45/70 with very decent bore tight action, 416XXX range (1889 manufacture).
#3630 A. Waters Model 1836 “Horse Pistol”, 54cal percussion
#3889 Winchester 1893 Slide Action Shotgun, 12gauge w/30” barrel,  26XXX range (c,1895)
#897 Colt 1878 Shot Gun
#4669 Manhattan Belt-Navy Revolver, 4”x36caliber, VG (about a “7” on a scale of 10)
#149 Colt 1877 Thunderer Double Action
3036P Whitney Pocket Model, 6 inch, 31 cal., 50% Blue, 90% Scene
#M426 Belt and Holster for 6" Colt 1877 DA
#3836 Allen & Wheelock Four  Barrel Pepperbox, 31cal
#M995  Manhattan Bullet Mould  .36 caliber
#3829 Allen & Wheelock mid-sized “Boot Pistol”, 4”x36cal half-octagon barrel
#3860 Starr 1863 S/A 44cal percussion and having a crisp action and G-VG bore

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