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3017P H&R Auto Eject, 2 Model 1st Variation, 5 inch, 6 shot 32cf cal., Blue, Pearl, 1890, appears unfired.
2096P Colt New Line, 32 cal., 1st Model, Blue, 1874 SN 42XX.
#4669 Manhattan Belt-Navy Revolver, 4”x36caliber, VG (about a “7” on a scale of 10)
#M426 Belt and Holster for 6" Colt 1877 DA
Fine Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver, 5"x.31 Cal., Blue, Case, Scene
15ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, BIG BONANZA, 32 cal., engraved, wood grips.
#4909 S&W No.2 Army “brevette”, 6”x32RF with fine action and bore
#4888 Hall 1819 Rifled Musket, possible Confederate
#862 Columbian Baby Hammerless 22
2093P S&W Model 1 ½, First Issue, 32rf cal., 1865 Patent Date.
#825 National Derringer 41RF
#4988 Colt S/A , 7-1/2”x38WCF, 161XXX(1894), VG++ bore
Fine Remington Double Deringer, Pearl Grips, Nickel, Perfect Hinges
2021P Colt SAA, US Cavalry buy back, Nickel, Ivory, 1880, Ltr.
13ST Spur Trigger Bird Heads Grip, H&A, RANGER No. 2, Nice Engraving, Nickel, Wood, 32 cal., Excellent.

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