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K-10 A Pair of European Percussion Pistols (Conversions)
#M736 U.S. Government 1879 Whitman Watering Bit
3038P Colt U.S. 1851 Navy-Navy, Iron B.S. & T.G., Hartford address, 1859.
#C531 Walking Liberty 1938-D Denver PCGS MS65 Silver Half Dollar
#4908 Colt 1851 Navy revolver, 4th Variation, mixed numbers, 142XXX
#4853 Merwin & Hulbert (Hopkins & Allen Manufacture) Open Frame S/A , 7” barrel, 44CF
#336 Colt 1877 DA Revolver .41 With 6" Barrel & Belt & Holster
#150 Colt 1877 Lighting Double Action
#0862 Model 1840 Heavy Dragoon sabre w/scabbard
Fine Winchester 1892 Saddle Ring Carbine, .44-40, Blue, Case
#4985  Colt S/A, 7-1/2x45COLT, “U.S. Cavalry” model, 12XXX range (1875)
#314 S&W #1 Second Model 22
#4668 Springfield Trapdoor “Forager”, 20ga shotgun
#4961 Winchester 1886 RBFMCB 45/70, 14XXX range (1888)
#2243 Rarely found buffalo hide Ranchers Winter gloves

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