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Fine Remington Double Deringer, Hard Rubber Grips, Factory Lanyard Loop(Rare)
#4888 Hall 1819 Rifled Musket, possible Confederate
#M438 Holster for a Colt 1877 DA
Fine Double Date Luger, Erfuhrt, 9mm, WWII Vintage
#4992 Colt 1877 D/A 2-1/2”x41COLT “Thunderer”
Fine Colt '51 Navy Navy, Scene, Blue Cartouche, Iron TG and Backstrap
#M428 H.H. Heiser Belt and Holster For Colt SAA
#3825 Marston & Knox standard size pocket Pepperbox, 4” barrel length
#3821 E. Whitney Arms Pocket Model revolver, 6”x31
#004 Hide scale, circa 1870s-1890s.
#4859 National No.2 41RF Derringer
#4835 Stanley Arms SxS hammer Double, 44SHOT
K-10 A Pair of European Percussion Pistols (Conversions)
#756 Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Scarce Early Model 22
#4900 Colt 1851 Navy Model, 7-1/2”x36cal, 88XXX (1860) Fourth Variation

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