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Colt 1849 revolver 31 cal Hartford add
#806 Remington Elliott Derringer 32RF
#1436 Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Carbine, 45/70 with very decent bore (7+ on a scale of 10), tight action,
#M156   U.S. Ordinance Volume I  1776 – 1940 Small Arms
#4905 Colt 1849 Pocket Model, 152XXX(1857), 4” barrel, iron strapped
#786 Colt New Line 2nd  Model 38Cal.
#M439 Holster for a Colt 1877 DA 4 1/2" Barrel
#SE137 Parker Shot Gun Snuff Box
3027P Remington Model 1875 SAA, 44, 7 ½, Blue, Wood, Holster, SN 15XXX.
3017P H&R Auto Eject, 2 Model 1st Variation, 5 inch, 6 shot 32cf cal., Blue, Pearl, 1890, appears unfired.
2096P Colt New Line, 32 cal., 1st Model, Blue, 1874 SN 42XX.
20ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, AVENGER, 38rf cal., Octagon barrel, Nickel, Wood.
Mint Burnside 5th Model. Perfect in All Ways;Blue 100%, Case100%, Cartouches
Iver johnson 38 s&w CF
#4858 Remington “Double Derringer” (Model 95), 41RF

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