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#M978 Navy Mark-2 Knife
#4904 Colt 1851 “Old Model” Navy, 36-caliber percussion with VG bore and action
#C346 Indian 1911 Ten Dollar Eagles NGC AU58 Gold
#1443 Springfield 1884 Trapdoor carbine, 413XXX (1889 mfgr)
#1528 Asa Waters Model 1836 Flintlock military pistol, 8-1/2” smoothbore barrel, 54caliber
#4638 Germanic Jaeger Flintlock Rifle, 30” octagon barrel, sliding wood patchbox
#3811 Blunt & Syms Pepperbox, Dragoon size with 6”x36caliber
#4956 Forehand & Wadsworth “Old Model Army” revolver, 7-1/2”x44SWR
M136 Small Arms of the Sea Services
#3819 Adams Mfg Pocket-Navy size percussion revolver, 36cal
#4839 Sharps-Meacham (often called the “Old Model 1874”), 28”x45/70
20ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, AVENGER, 38rf cal., Octagon barrel, Nickel, Wood.
#4920 Winchester 1886 OBFMCB 40/65WCF, 93XXX (1895 mfgr), G-VG bore,
#1444 Springfield 1879 “Trapdoor” rifle, SN 264XXX (1884)
#4921 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB 44WCF, 28XXX (1879), scarce 1st Variation

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