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#750 Colt New Line 30 Cal.
#4661 Winchester 1887 Lever-Action Shotgun, 10ga x 32” barrel,  32XXX serial range
#1437  Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Carbine, 45/70 with very decent bore tight action, 416XXX range (1889 manufacture).
#4679 Evans Sporting Rifle, 44Evans Long, 28” octagon barrel
Rare EW Cook Percussion Rotating Breech Over/under Shotgun/Rifle
#4888 Hall 1819 Rifled Musket, possible Confederate
#4879 Colt 1860 Army (AKA, “Holster Pistol”), 44caliber, 63XXX (mid 1863)
#4789 Marlin 1881 OBFMCB 45/70,  decent bore (being a 6-1/2 to 7 on a scale of 10). 8XXX  serial range
#4247 Remington 1858 Navy, 38CF converted in the 1870s for commercial sales to the Frontier West
#865 Allen & Wheelock second model 32 RF
#M296 U.S. Government 1859  Cavalry Curb Bit
#4930 Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall 30”xNo.3x32/40 Sporting Rifle
K1 Colt Dragoon Early Third Model
#4842 Colt 1862 Pocket-Navy, 3”x38RF oct bbl
#4988 Colt S/A , 7-1/2”x38WCF, 161XXX(1894), VG++ bore

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