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#3822 Coopers Patent Ring-triggered six shot Pepperbox, English manufacture
4961 Colt S/A, 4-3/4”x44WCF, 148XXX serial range (1892 mfgr)
#2396 Manhattan Belt-Navy, 33XXX , 6-1/2", 36cal percussion
#4670 Remington 1858 New Model Navy, post Civil War converted to 38CF in the early 1870s.
Very Good Colt 1849 Pocket model, .31x 4", Blue, Scene, Varnish
#M732 U.S. Government 1892  Cavalry Curb Bit
48ST Spur Trigger Bird Heads Grip, Forehand & Wadsworth, TERROR, CAL. 32, blue, wood.
Winchester model 12 shotgun 16 ga mod
#3829 Allen & Wheelock mid-sized “Boot Pistol”, 4”x36cal half-octagon barrel
#M708 U.S. Government 1844 Ringgold Watering Bit
58ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, ROBIN HOOD No. 2, 32 cal., 5 shot, Patina, Wood.
1902R Relic Colt Model 1902 Military Automatic Pistol, 1902-29, 38 rimless cal.
#4840 Colt 1861 Navy, manufactured as a conversion to a cartridge model in the early 1870s.
#4911 Colt Model 1849 “Pocket Model” 4”x31cal, 62XXX(1851)
#4672 Manhattan Belt-Navy, 6-1/2”x36cal, Fourth Variation

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