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Exc. Maynard 2nd model Civil War carbine, Blue, Case Colors, Cartouches
#4786 Marlin 1881 RBFMCB “Carbine”, 45/70 with VG+/Fine bore
#C346 Indian 1911 Ten Dollar Eagles NGC AU58 Gold
#4928 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB factory 26-inch barreled “short rifle”, very early 2nd Variation
#C524 Morgan 1890-CC Carson City PCGS VF35 Silver Dollar
#155 Colt SAA Revolver .44-40 Etched Panel Shipped 1882
#0231 Rock Island marked 1880s sabre belt w/accessories
#4816 Marlin-Ballard No. 1-1/2 “Hunters Rifle”, round barrel, 28”x40/65 (40/70Ballard)
#4762 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB, 44WCF with Fine bore
#C520 Morgan 1896-S San Francisco ANACS F15 Silver Dollar
#0685 Colt percussion Paterson capper (original) for longarm
#4542 Wm. Moore Dbl-Bbl 30”x12ga percussion shotgun
M155 Bannerman  Military Goods  1933
Fine Colt '51 Navy, Scene, Blue, Case Colors, Sharp
Fine Sharps Percussion 1863 Carbine, Blue, Cartouches, Case, Tight

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