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#4895 Colt 1860 Army (AKA, “Holster Pistol”), 44caliber, 101XXX (1863), all matching including the wedge.
Fine First Model Henry Rifle, .44RF Henry, Patina, Blue, Great Bore,1863
#M428 H.H. Heiser Belt and Holster For Colt SAA
#M995  Manhattan Bullet Mould  .36 caliber
2093P S&W Model 1 ½, First Issue, 32rf cal., 1865 Patent Date.
#4933 Winchester Model 1886 OBFMCB 40/65WCF, 81XXX(1893), VG bore
Ammo 450 Eley
#4540 Germanic Trade Pistol, large military size percussion
#4852 Merwin & Hulbert (Hopkins & Allen Manufacture) Closed Frame S/A , 3-5/16” barrel, 44WCF
#3858 Remington 1858 New Model Army, 44-percussion with a 6-7 bore (on a scale of 10
2089P Colt 1860 Army Type II Richards Conversion
#4837 Sharps 1859/63 New Model Carbine, post-Civil War, 51XXX serial range, 50/70
M155 Bannerman  Military Goods  1933
Merwin  & Hulbert  44-40  Army special
#4981 Colt S/A 4-3/4”x45COLT, 117XXX(1887), Colt factory letter included

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