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Rare Gibbs Civil War carbine, .52 Cal., Breechloader, Fine Bore, Good Wood
#4875 Colt 1851 Navy, 4th Variation, 105XXX
#314 S&W #1 Second Model 22
3023P Manhattan Fire Arms Co., Navy, 36 cal., 6 ½, Series III, 5 shot, 1863, Exc. Condition.
#309 Wesson & Harrington 22 Caliber Revolver
#2480 Eli Whitney half-stock single shot percussion fowler, 20 guag
Fine Colt 1849 Pocket Model, 4"x.31 Cal. Blue, Case, Scene,
#4889 Colt 1849-6” One-Line NY address, 246XXX (1862), fine action, VG bore
#4933 Winchester Model 1886 OBFMCB 40/65WCF, 81XXX(1893), VG bore
#M987 U.S. 1855 Tumbler and Wire Punch
#M983 U.S. 1903  Combination Tool
#M154   THE HORSE SOLDIER 1776 – 1943 Four Book Set
#3876 Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall, No.3x30”x40/70Ballard, VG+/Fine bore
#4766 Remington Rolling Block military rifled-musket, 32”x50/70CF, New York State contract
#318 Columbian Baby Hammerless 22

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