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#3836 Allen & Wheelock Four  Barrel Pepperbox, 34cal
#0685 Colt percussion Paterson capper (original) for longarm
#M984 U.S. 1903 Springfield Combination Tool
#4927 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB 2nd Model, 45/75WCF with Fine bore, mfg 1883
#C336 Buffalo 2011 Fifty Dollar PCGS MS70 1oz Gold
#4803 Moore Patent Firearms 32Teatfire pocket revolver, 8XXX serial range
#M735 U.S. Government 1892  Cavalry Curb Bit
#4766 Winchester 1892 RBFMCB 38WCF,  very early production in the 10XXX serial range
#359 Colt Bisley Single Action Revolver 44-40  MFG (1907)
#4612 Winchester 1866 OBFMCB, early Second Model
#M197 National Defense Medal
#4768 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB, fairly early Second Model,44WCF with G-VG bore
#3810 Blunt & Syms Pepperbox, 5”x31caliber, ring trigger
#4893 Colt 1851 (U.S. Army) Navy revolver, 7-1/2”x36cal percussion, 67XXX range (c,1856)
#M452 Vintage 5 Western Tubes of BB

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