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#004 Hide scale, circa 1870s-1890s.
#4930 Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall 30”xNo.3x32/40 Sporting Rifle
#4832 Sharps 1859/63 Carbine, 90XXX serial range, 52/70 conversion
#M766 Vintage Holster for a Colt .38 RY.EX.AGY
#302 Colt New Line 30 Cal.
3046P Colt 1860 Army, US Military, 44 cal.,1863, Cartouches.
U.S. Piece Flask. Marked BATTY
2078P Colt Third Model Derringer
#4900 Colt 1851 Navy Model, 7-1/2”x36cal, 88XXX (1860) Fourth Variation
#321 Colt 1860 Army Conversion 44 Colt
#2023 Smith ( Poultney & Trimble) Civil War carbine, 50cal
#4936  Winchester 1873 OBFMCB standard Sporting Rifle, 32WCF (32/20)
Merwin  & Hulbert  44-40  Army special
Excellent Gallager civil War Carbine, .50 Cal. , Blue, Case Colors, Cartouches
#4928 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB 40/60WCF w/SST

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