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3034P Colt 1851 Navy, 4 Screw cut for shoulder stock, 1862, w/ holster.
#4924 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB 38WCF, 3rd Variation , 297XXX (1888)
#4922 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB 44WCF, 13XXX (1877), scarce 1st Variation
#C346 Indian 1911 Ten Dollar Eagles NGC AU58 Gold
Bacon pocket 31 cal revolver
#0570 Pair of Patilla style  Spanish Miguelette pistols, c,1690-1730, approx 60-caliber
Bullet mold colts patent 44 H
#4975 Colt S/A 7-1/2”x44WCF, 61XXX range (1880), fine bore and action
Colt 1849 london
#4853 Merwin & Hulbert (Hopkins & Allen Manufacture) Open Frame S/A , 7” barrel, 44CF
Colt lightning 38 colt short  1877
#4780 Smith & Wesson M-1881 Double Action, 4”x44SWR with very fine+ bright bore
#4923 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB 44WCF, 6XXX (1875!!), scarce 1st Variation
Rare Greene Civil War Carbine, Excellent Blue and Case Colors, Excellent Overall
#4540 Germanic Trade Pistol, large military size percussion

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