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#321 Colt 1860 Army Conversion 44 Colt MFG (1873)
U.S. Piece Flask. Marked BATTY
#M995  Manhattan Bullet Mould  .36 caliber
#3806 Union Arms marked Pepperbox, (Marston produced), 3”x34caliber
#2478  Large English sash/belt Flintlock pistol by “H.Nock”
#4556 “Southerner” (Brown Mfg) brass-framed derringer, 41RF.
M132 Fort Robinson Illustrated
3042P Colt 1861 Navy Richards Mason Conversion, 38cf, 7 ½, Fine
#2033 Slim-Jim style basket-weave holster, c1890s
#360 Colt 1849 Pocket Percussion 31 caliber MFG (1860)
#4850 “Robin Hood” marked 32RF five shot spur trigger
#4964 Colt S/A 7-1/2”x45COLT, 97XXX range (1883), VG bore
#4951 Colt S/A 7-1/2”x45COLT, civilian model, 38XXX range (1877), Fine bore
#4832 Sharps 1859/63 Carbine, 90XXX serial range, 52/70 conversion
#149 Colt 1877 Thunderer DA Shipped (1888)

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