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#4839 Sharps-Meacham (often called the “Old Model 1874”), 28”x45/70
#M310 H.H. Heiser Belt For 38 or 41 Caliber
#M436  Trapdoor Springfield Book
2021P Colt SAA, US Cavalry buy back, Nickel, Ivory, 1880, Ltr.
43ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grips, J.Rubertus, EMPIRE, 38 cal. Blue, Wood.
41402C Colt First Model Richards Conversion -OMC- Iron Guard
#4921 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB standard Sporting Rifle, 32WCF (32/20) with surprisingly good bore
#4793 Marlin 1881 OBFMCB 40/60Marlin, 28” barrel, fine bore.
#4673 Manhattan 3rd Variation Belt-Navy Revolver, 36-caliber, five shooter, with a 5” barrel
#4792 Marlin 1881 OBFMCB, 18XXX serial range, caliber 45/70 with VG/VG+ bore
#770 Colt Percussion 1849 Pocket 31 Caliber
#4242  Starr 1858 D/A Army 44-percussion revolver, early 1870s after-market conversion to 44WCF
#4994 Colt 1877 D/A “Lightning” 4-1/2”x38COLT, 88XXX(1892), VG bore
#819 Wesson & Harrington 22 Caliber Revolver
#756 Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Scarce Early Model 22

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