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#C346 Indian 1911 Ten Dollar Eagles NGC AU58 Gold
#M484 Original Calgary Sgt. Strips
K-12,   Colt Artillery Revolver
#4646 J. Hafner – Wien percussion Target or Traveling Pistol, c1850s
#M296 U.S. Government 1859  Cavalry Curb Bit
#307 Colt 1849 Pocket 6" Barrel 31 Cal MFG (1865)
#M735 U.S. Government 1892  Cavalry Curb Bit
#4556 “Southerner” (Brown Mfg) brass-framed derringer, 41RF.
#3812 Stocking “Bar Hammer” Single Action Pepperbox, 4”x28caliber
V. Good Plus Colt Navy, 1851, .36 Cal., Case Colors , Fine Bore and Mechanics
#4243  Remington Model 1858 Army, 44-percussion revolver, period after-market converted to 44 CF
Steel Striker for fire starting
#4995 Colt 1878  D/A 5-1/2”x45COLT with Good bore
#M995  Manhattan Bullet Mould  .36 caliber
#4842 Colt 1862 Pocket-Navy, 3”x38RF oct bbl

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